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Garden Village Bled

Work done:

From concept, design, architectural, technical, and spatial planning, to construction. From the concept of the glamping facilities to the accommodations themselves (glamping tent, tent on the peer, tree houses). Adaptation of existing and construction of new supporting facilities; marketing strategy. Garden Village Bled resort was opened in June 2014. The project has become globally renowned and has been a financial success since its very beginning.


The Story:

The concept of the construction and operation of Garden Village Bled is founded on innovation, green tourism, energy self‑sufficiency, and other modern principles of boutique eco-tourism. Our philosophy is to develop each project in harmony with geographic, cultural, and other characteristics of a specific environment, with an emphasis on considering landscape architecture.


Key features:

The resort consists of 23 unique accommodation units of four different types, which are, along with all associated support facilities, part of the architectural and landscape visual identity. Each year, Garden Village Bled is visited by very large number of guest from all over the world.

  • trees growing through the roofs of tree houses;

  • chemical‑free natural pool with self-cleaning plants;

  • unique wellness (different types of sauna, massage, and yoga under canopy, Kneipp pools);

  • ponds with fish under accommodation units;

  • private drinking water well;

  • unique restaurant in a greenhouse;

  • reception area with eco-shop;

  • lounge with fireplace;

  • children’s playground;

  • vegetable garden.

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