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Herbal Glamping 

Work done:

The resort is designed as a tent village and is entirely the product of our own know-how (conceptual design, architectural, technical, and spatial planning, construction, placement in the environment, proactive marketing strategy), with the exception of design and renovation of the existing buildings (restaurant, reception, service facilities, herbal pharmacy). The resort’s glamping tents are an improved and upgraded version (sides of the tent can be opened) of the ones used in Garden Village Bled. A user-friendly and attractive website has been designed, along with the development of concepts for proactive marketing approach.



The Story:

With the theme of the resort being herbs and aromatic plants, all the details follow this concept. Thematic workshops and herbal pharmacy look for themes and inspirations in our own herbal and vegetable garden.


Key features:

The resort’s herbal and vegetable garden, along with herbal pharmacy, are intended for relaxation, education, and entertainment of the guests. The existing objects offering supporting services were incorporated into the tent village with 10 luxuriously appointed glamping tents with their own whirlpools.


  • chemical‑free natural pool;

  • wellness center;

  • vegetable garden;

  • herb garden with over 60 species of herbs;

  • herbal pharmacy, suitable for thematic workshops;

  • tent village with 10 luxurious glamping tents;

  • lounge area with fireplace;

  • eco-shop;

  • reception area and restaurant for guests.

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