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Glamping design & concept

We offer comprehensive design services, from an idea to the realization. Every project begins with a concept, continues with a conceptual design and preparation of glamping design documentation, and ends with an implementation plan and details. As part of the project, we check the investment value according to the phase and prepare the implementation schedule.


Following the initial discussion and completion of a questionnaire about your ideas, we prepare the concept of the resort which in turn serves as the basis for your further investment decisions.


The glamping design concept includes:

  • idea concept and the resort “story”,

  • concept of complete arrangement and offer,

  • concept of accommodation facilities,

  • spatial arrangement of the resort,

  • concept of accompanying programmes,

  • marketing and sales concept,

  • rough estimate of investment,

  • presentation of the concept to the investor.


The plans include the following:

  • spatial arrangement plan;

  • landscape architecture plan;

  • design of accommodation facilities with all accompanying details;

  • design of paths, landings, and other construction elements;

  • design of other facilities (pools, spa, restaurant, reception area, toilets, etc.);

  • design of unique equipment and selection of standard equipment for accommodation facilities and associated other equipment;

  • selection of decorative and other elements;

  • plans for accompanying elements (suspension bridges, areas for socialising, etc.);

  • traffic arrangement plan;

  • design of community infrastructure junctions;

  • 3D realistic presentation for marketing purposes;

  • detailed construction schedule.



​Our consulting services include extensive assistance for our clients during the preparation phase of a project or during modification of existing camping or glamping service.

As part of our consultancy services, we provide:

  • presentation of the glamping concept and the opportunities it provides,

  • location consulting,

  • assessment of different locations and their strengths and weaknesses,

  • consultancy in the process of preparing design documentation and implementation,

  • consultancy in upgrading camping to glamping,

  • consultancy in design, change or modification of the program.


Glamping products

We offer a wide range of high-quality products and services, GlamPro designed or handpicked by us to meet your every need. Every product and service available through our network has been well tested in the resorts that we designed, saving you that endless search for the right product.


Construction supervision

Due to the specifics of glamping projects, certain issues may arise and potential adjustments may be needed during the implementation process according to the actual conditions on the ground, which cannot be predicted in advance. In the context of on-site supervisions, we provide assistance in the organisation and supervision of the project implementation, primarily with specific works that require special know-how.

Our supervision services include:

  • consultancy in project implementation and implementation schedule;

  • coordination of contractors on-site;

  • design supervision of completed works;

  • assistance for contractors with specific works (pools, tents, tree-houses, etc.);

  • assistance in current issues during on-site implementation.


Marketing &


Based on our know-how in the field of glamping, we offer an alternative and innovative approach to marketing and sales. We are informing the target audience of the new product using new and alternative marketing channels, in order to ensure success and recognisability of the product on a global scale, to reach price premium, and to acquire the majority share of direct reservations.

Our marketing services include:

  • complete Brand Identity design of the resort;

  • website design and implementation (design, development, content

       management system, technical search engine optimization, google analytics, etc.);

  • social networks visibility (development of promotion strategies and publications, management of social network presence);

  • launch and placement of the product to sales and non-sales websites with the purpose of promoting product recognition and obtaining direct reservations;

  • online advertising and other online solutions;

  • development of pricing strategy;

  • instructions on and implementation of promotional material and comprehensive communication with clients;

  • consultancy in staff training, management guidelines;

  • after opening, quality review of services for guests in relation to the product, warning of missteps, and proposing solutions.


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